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Adoptable Cats at Pet Welfare

Featured: Older Cats

Everyone loves kittens - they're tiny, cuddly, playful, and adorable. So adorable, in fact, that they usually overshadow the many wonderful older and senior cats we have available here at the shelter.

There are many joys and advantages to adopting an older cat. Although you do not get to enjoy the time in your cat's life when they are small, having an older, wiser, more seasoned companion is, in many ways, even better.

The Advantages of Adopting an Older Cat:

  1. Kittens are rambunctious and lively. Your household will never again be peaceful with a crazy kitten running around.
  2. A kitten is only a kitten for a short period of time.
  3. Older cats don't climb on your curtains, run the Indy 500 in the middle of the night, and know not to use your leg as a scratching post.
  4. Older cats tend to have a well-developed immune system and stronger stomach tolerance with fewer stomach upsets than kittens.
  5. Older cats are ever-so-grateful for a second chance at a loving home!
  6. Older cats adjust better to new surroundings - been there, done that!
  7. Older cats are like a fine wine, they just get better with age.
  8. Cats don't care how old you are!
  9. Love knows no age.
  10. The number one reason to adopt an older cat: they are the least likely to be adopted.

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Large Adult Male

Domestic Short Hair-Gray

Hi, I'm Simba. I'm a big handsome guy. I'm all grey and oh so soft. I'm looking for someone who would enjoy a quiet companion and unconditional love. Could that be you? Maybe you could come by and we could hang out, and then I could show you what a great addition to your family I could be. Could you do that?

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Medium Adult Male

Domestic Short Hair Orange and White

Hi, I'm Finn, a young attractive male looking for a loving, forever home. I can be a bit shy at first but I'm very sweet once I warm up and get to know you. Dogs and I don't get along too well so I'd prefer a home with no dogs. I am still young enough to make a lot of memories. Could I make them with you? Will you come see me and find out if I'm the one you've been looking for? I know I'll make a wonderful companion.

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Large Senior Female


Hi, I'm Maggie. You may not be able to see this in my picture but I have beautiful bright green eyes and I almost appear to have used eyeliner. I'm a very sweet, quiet girl with a laid back personality. My favorite activity is hanging out doing nothing. Maybe you can visit me and see if we're meant to "hang out" together?

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Small Adult Female

Domestic Short Hair White

Hi, My name is Daisy. I was abandoned in a rural area and rescued by a very caring family. They couldn't keep me but they made sure I was safe and brought me to Pet Welfare until I can find my forever family. Could that be you? I'm very friendly and sweet with people but other cats around me need to know that I am the boss. Come see all my wonderful potential and find out if we make the perfect pair.

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Medium Young Male

Tabby - Orange

Hi, I'm Gordon. I'm still new to Pet Welfare. You often see me creeping along the walls trying not to draw too much attention to myself. Life hasn't been very kind to me and so I hold back from giving my affection. I need someone who can look past my shyness to the cat I know I can be if given the opportunity. Could you be that savior for me?

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Sylvester Boy

Medium Adult Male

Domestic Long Hair - Black and White Mix

Sylvester Boy is a loving, long-legged male who wants a home to call his own. He has really come out of his shell since first arriving at Pet Welfare. Now he is ready to have a home of his own. Come by and meet him so you can see how easily you'll fall in love with him. He still has many years of love to give.

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