2020 Board of Directors


Carla Engeldinger

Past chairman 6th year


Glenn Harley

Vice-chairman since 2013


Judy Novak

past Secretary 4th year


Marianne Stegemeyer

Treasurer since 2012


Tristian Burkhardt/rachel

  first year board member


Amanda Belmer/Tristian Burkhardt

second year board member

Cat Volunteer Coordinator

Valerie Smith

first year board member

Dog Volunteer Coordinator


FIRST year board member

Office Volunteer Coordinator

Jack Dickason

office coordinator forever

Dog Coordinator

Tierra Gay

Dog Coordinator since 2013

Cat Coordinator

MacKenzie Dunaway/Valeire Smith

first year board member


Norm levesque

historian since 2018


Norm Levesque

Webmaster since 2018


Pat Levesque

Purchaser since 2016

The Board of Directors of Pet Welfare are elected by the volunteers each calandar year. The non-elected members of the board are volunteers that have agreed to fulfill the duties of their position, and are generally accepted by the majority of the volunteers to fulfill this position, but are not recognized as elected members by the By-Laws.

Term of office runs from January 1 - December 31. Nominations are accepted from October 1 through the general meeting held in November. At the November meeting, the list of nominees are finalized and publicized to all volunteers. Voting starts after the November general meeting and continues until the December meeting at which time ballots will be tabulated and the election of officers is announced.

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Pet Welfare Adoption Center

Chief Master Sargeant James McAlum and his wife, Rose, established the shelter in 1982. They were given the abandoned military working dog kennels built in 1961 which consisted of a small office and fenced-in kennels. Cats were kept in stacked cages wrapped in blankets and blue tarp to keep the cats warm and dry at night.

The Eglin Officer's Wife's Club donated a small shed to CMSgt McAlum and Rose which housed a few supplies. A portable toilet was brought out in 1991. After 6 years of hard work and endless fundraising, ground-breaking took place in 2001 for a building with a restroom to be built for Pet Welfare. In November 2002, Pet Welfare celebrated the opening of the new facility.

Get involved, save a life, and experience a rewarding cause.

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